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My Training Style in Detail
I train horses to be trusty steeds who follow directions, cooperate and make good ranch work partners.
I believe horses need jobs and are happier when they can understand directions and do many things well.
I do not follow trendy clinic trainers who pretend they invented horse training. I don't sell gimmicks like rope halters, magic sticks, strawberry scented bits, Special Carrot Stall Spray, or expensive saddle pads with my name on them. But I wish I did so I could give myself a discount on the pads.
My job is to do what I can to make a horse and owner communicate with each other well and work together. I want the owner to be able to ride their horse and not need my help anymore.
I believe all horses should have good manners, stand quietly, follow directions, work a gate, sidepass and do daily ranch style work. I do regular traditional ranch style horse training using old handed down used well worn dependable functional training techniques.
What I do is a combination of many things I have learned from many talented people over 35+ years, with my own twists added here and there. Most of us regular trainers are not smart enough to call something a neat name, write a book about it and "invent" the technique. For instance, all the foals I bred and raised were handled by me from birth, since my first foal in 1980. Then in the year 2000 some vet wrote a book called Imprint Training, and right then he invented handling foals from birth. It was his idea all along. Someone recently asked me if I "imprinted" Terminatrix? I said no. I handled her from birth. It doesn't sound as impressive, but it's the same thing. Only I didn't write the book and take the credit for it.
I am proud give credit here to some of the great riders and trainers who I have bought, observed and sometimes stolen ideas from;
Shane and Harold Farren- Reining trainers. I learned so much from them I don't know where to start. I believe I pull out one or two of Shane's tricks every day.
Lee Dorr-Judge-Halter. No one showed a weanling better than Lee.
Vivian Dorr-Judge, Trick Rider, mentor. Vivian has forgotten more in the last 10 minutes than I will ever know. She helps me every day.
Paul Singer-Breeder-Horseman. Paul helped me buy Shambug, and for that I will be forever grateful.
Jon Higginson-Western Riding-Trail-Western Pleasure-Halter I always try to ride as well as Jon. I never will.
Edna Schenck-Trail-Western Pleasure. Edna pointed out to me the obvious. And her dogs tried to eat my daughter once.
Bill Timmons-Judge-Showmanship. Bill made me tough. He never made me cry though. He tried.
Rocky Wright-Judge. Mr. Wright made me tougher. Rocky liked to make exhibitors sweat.
Ted Schindler-Cowboy-Rancher-Polo Referee-Artist-Fine Saddle Maker. It's because of Ted I ride. He put up with a pesty little girl who really liked horses.
I have a much longer and, possibly more important, list of people who taught me what NOT to do. I am thankful to them also. One of my favorites was the guy at the trail trials who dallied the rope attached to the BIG HEAVY TREE BRANCH, on a horse who had never pulled anything before. They set quite a speed record. I don't think I've ever moved so fast, or yelled "RUN!!!!" as loudly since then.
And another guy who picked up the ice chest full of beer, out of the back of the truck, on a horse who was not a fan of beer and ice chests. Did you know that the centrifugal force of an ice chest spinning fast enough could pull a grown man right off a horse? Me either! It was pretty impressive!

Karla Flippin

"Ted Schindler and Me"

"Vivian Dorr"


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