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    "Karla is a very patient teacher. She communicates with my 6 y/o just like she was a tiny adult. She explains what she is teaching and allows the child to be an active participant with her horses, no matter how same the rider be. They end each lesson with a treat to Quick and a hand wash. We are very happy with Karla and her horses."

-Veronica Cano

"Karla Flippin’s skills as a horse trainer and riding instructor are superb! Not only have I learned horsemanship from Karla, I have learned how to communicate much better with my horse. Under Karla’s riding instruction, I have become a confident rider, as well as learning about the care of horses. I highly recommend Karla for beginning riders just getting started or for the experienced rider who wants to fine tune and improve on their horsemanship skills. Thank you so much Karla!!"

-Caroline C-C

    "Karla is the perfect instructor for me. Her lessons are not limited to sitting on the back of a horse and riding. She teaches overall handling on and off the horse, how a horse thinks & behaves, and explains why for everything she's teaching. She continuously reinforces everything she teaches and is extremely patient."


"Want to ride like a pro? Want a dream horse who performs like a champ? Want to have a great time, win competitions, then ride off into the sunset? Then Get Karla!! We've been with her for the past two years and, with her guidance and patience, have won blue, red, yellow, white, and pink ribbons; entered an Extreme Cowboy competition; placed 4th at ETI National Trail Trials; joined a Mounted Assistance Unit; and much, much more!! Couldn't have done it all without Karla's expertise :)"

-Karen and Wullie

"Basically, my niece Marie has been taking lessons almost every Sunday since April 2009.
Marie is eight years old. Technically she is disabled but you would not know it by seeing her. She is categorized as having spina bifida. She wears braces on her legs and has other issues. Although, lately she has not been wearing them.

So you can imagine her riding lessons have been therapeutic as well fun!

Marie has enjoyed learning from Karla. Karla has been patient with Marie. She has gained strength in her legs and she has learned to focus. She has improved in her riding.

In the beginning, Marie could not get on the horse by herself. Now she can get on by herself, with little help.

Marie looks forward to her lesson every weekend. We are all very happy she has a hobby and a sport she can do."

-Monica Lopez

    "Karla continues to be a pleasure and honor to work with. Karla always keeps it fun, interesting and I can’t say enough about Karla’s patience. Karla has a never late, always prepared, work ethic. I'm relatively new to horses and always have questions about something.Karla takes the time with me to get it right. In the horse community Karla has a ton of credibility stemming from life time of horse experience. I drive by several stables from Huntington Beach to train with her at L bar S Ranch and its worth it. Karla has the gift of teaching in a way of making things make sense and easy. L bar S is a private stable and folks are friendly. Its a great experience. I’d highly recommend Karla to anybody.She is worth it."

-John Getz

"As a beginner I couldn't of found a better trainer. Karla understands the level of training for anyone who is looking to learn how to ride. Each week Karla gives me the skills and knowledge to become a better rider. I enjoy each lesson and feel a sense of self confidence. "Thank you Karla for your time and effort!"

-Sonia Ruiz



I count myself very fortunate to have found an instructor such as Karla. She is so knowledgeable and she has answers to all of my questions. Each lesson is different and engaging. Karla is very patient and works with me until I complete each lesson successfully. Not only am I learning how to be an effective rider, I am also learning how to work with horses on the ground; making me feel well rounded. Karla's horse Quicksilver has been the perfect horse for me to learn how to ride on. The combination of Karla and Quick amounts to lessons that leave me feeling comfortable and confident. See you at my next lesson Karla!

-Vanessa Royo


My beautiful Rocky Mountain Gaited horse.....would not gait, and not from lack of training....just not proper training. How many times have we all heard that?? The very few times I managed to slide her into a mock gait she promptly went into a teeth shattering trot. After 1 month with Karla, she was gaiting, after 2 months she was side passing, yielding, backing and transitioning into the wonderful horse I always dreamed she could be.

Karla is patient, kind and certainly takes control effortlessly and seamlessly. I have complete faith and trust in Karla and her ability to conquer what I thought was an impossibility. Karla is the BEST!!



I always wanted to learn how to ride and Karla helped make that dream become reality. I was an absolute beginner, but before I knew it, I was grooming, saddling and riding Quick! With her patience and diligence, Karla gave me the confidence to ride comfortably and learn how to work with the horse as a team. Yes, it was challenging but at the same time, a lot of fun and rewarding! Karla has a great sense of humor and she is very encouraging. Every lesson is a little bit different and there is always something new to learn. She is so knowledgeable about equine behavior, and I've really enjoyed learning about the horse's survival instincts and how to interact with a horse appropriatly. Best of all, I am learning about myself. Karla helped me realize that working with horses can make you a better person - more confident, strong and poised. Thanks Karla!



Our young granddaughter, Serenity, has been taking riding lessons from Karla for the past month. Karla has been very patient and thorough with such a young rider. She has taught Serenity the basics of riding and the importance of proper care of a horse. Serenity has been thrilled with this experience and always looks forward to her next meeting with Karla and her horse "Quick". We feel that the time Serenity has spent with Karla and Quick has helped foster a growing love and respect for horses and that is a very positive aspect of her development. We feel very fortunate to have been referred to Karla and thank her very much for all that she has done!

- Dave and Kyle


My daughter has had a wonderful experience taking lessons with Karla. She started when she was just five and is now seven. Karla is one of those adults who is gifted working with children. One of my favorite things about her lessons is that she teaches my daughter not only to ride, but to care for the horse as well. My daughter loves her lessons, loves riding, and loves Quick and Karla! She has learned so much, and Karla makes sure to keep her on her toes. It has helped my daughter "come out of her shell" and given her a great deal of self-confidence. The ranch is a lovely place and holds a special magic for my daughter.


Working with Karla has been more fun, more interesting, more challenging and more satisfying than I ever could have imagined. I am blessed to have found her as a riding instructor. Her holistic approach is creative and includes practical skills both basic and nuanced. Ground work is every bit as interesting and educational as that in the saddle. Both start with proper technique and are infused with a wealth of information regarding any and everything horse related from daily care to the horse’s perspective on what we’re doing to funny stories that contain a lesson themselves.

I appreciate Karla’s clarity and her attention to teaching the student how to keep themselves and the horse safe. The variety she brings to each session results in a thorough learning of skills. She is professional and light hearted and for her amazing patience no matter how many times I turn left immediately after she has told me to turn right or asked the same question for the 25th time I am truly grateful.

Karla’s unfailing attention to detail and consistency in concert with her extensive experience and skill make her an exceptional teacher-trainer for all skill levels. She is a talented horsewoman of intelligence, integrity and good humor and I am honored to learn from her. I treasure every minute of every lesson.


"I had the privilege to have Karla train and work my horse for almost a year. I had just gotten Dancer 4 months prior and she was too green, then I tore the ligaments in my ankle. I was so fortunate to have Karla in my time of need, Karla is wonderful and Dancer learned so much. Dancer was always loving and responsive, and now she is trained as well. Karla, Dancer and I miss you and thank you very much, you're the best."



"As a riding Instructor, Karla operates in a league of her own. As a middle-aged beginner I had taken some lessons somewhere else before and Karla needed to work a little harder with me to eliminate my bad habits. Her education and knowledge are seemingly endless. And she shares her knowledge with a straight forward, encouraging style of training. Her communication skills are superb. Her horses are very well trained; which reflects on her outstanding skills as a horse trainer on top of being a great Instructor.

Thanks Karla, you have made me a much more confident equestrian and a better rider. I'll be back for more."



"Karla is a wonderful instructor! She has taught me way more than I had ever hoped. She was always extremely patient with me and always had new challenges for me and my horse Chance. Her lessons were always interesting and kept you on your toes. I have been taking lessons with Karla for more than 2 years and over those two years she has helped me grow enormously as a rider. She doesn't just train the rider, she trains the horse as well. My horse is WAY better than he was two years ago. I recommend her to riders of any level. Thank you Karla!"

-Victoria Phillips



I hope this finds you well and everything is going to plan in your life out there. I won't take up much of your time, just like to tell you that I have signed the lease for Tango with Trish little more than a week ago. If it weren't for you, we probably would not have gotten together. Thanks Karla. Tango is a great Horse and everything I was hoping for. Trish had mentioned that you have spent some time with Tango and it shows. I can see your work all over him especially in the round pen. What ever of your teachings I have forgotten during my abstinence, he brought back to me with ease and fun/ It was almost like you standing behind me telling me what to do. I'm very happy with the boy.

Why the heck do you have to move out so far? I would really love to take a few more lessons from you. I also have a list of questions as long as my arm. I have met other instructors but none of them measure up to your standards.

Well Karla, take good care of yourself and who knows maybe one of these days Chelly and I take a road trip and visit.


When I first took possession of my 20 year old Morgan gelding he had basically one gait, a jiggy jog. He would become very nervous and excited when entering the arena and his head was always in the air. When I asked him to canter he would take off like a shot out of a cannon and run like the arena was a race track. On the trail he was out in front of all the other horses. I took him to Karla Flippin for a tune up. In a short time he was tucking his head, walking out very nicely and calmly cantering around the arena. On the trail, he walks with other horses. I receive constant compliments on how nicely he holds his head and his trail manners. He sidepasses beautifully and will even walk up to my SUV and allow me to lift and lower the door and load and unload while mounted, I do not have to dismount!

My little Morgan has become an amazing little horse. Karla does not use any spurs or whips when training horses. Karla is a woman of many talents. She is an excellent teacher, also she has taught many children, adults and myself to be excellent riders. Karla rides another horse along beside the rider and demonstrates what she wants the rider to do and also can show the rider any mistakes made. Much better than being hollered at from the center of the arena like most teachers.

Karla can also take pictures of your horse and then paint a beautiful portrait of your horse. I have two gorgeous paintings of my two horses.


Yes, I always wanted to be cowgirl. I have always loved horses but always rented them or rode my uncles in Ohio (every 5 yrs or so), so I really knew nothing. In 1987 I bought my first horse, a Tennessee Walker, and that is when I met Ken and Karla Flippin. Their stables were here in Montebello, Ca. I loved the stable and it was just around the corner from my home and the riverbed trails were great. My new horse and I just poked around the stables. I took my kids there and they would watch in their play pen. In a year I sold that horse. It was too much to handle for me. So I went to Karla and she found me the best horse ever, an 8 year old Quarter Horse named Skip. He was a very big horse, but a very, very sweet horse and very well trained. I started taking lessons with Karla. I really learned all I know now from her and my new horse. I did not know that leg control, body position, and how to sit in a seat were so very important. I was amazed how a horse can feel everything. All I knew was give a horse a kiss and squeeze, taking the reins to go here and go there. Oh! And that you don't have to fight to ride. Karla took me to a Western Pleasure show locally in Whittier, and I won 1st place. I was now moving up to my dream of enjoying my life with my horse. It was time now, as years went by, for my daughter to ride. She was 4 years old. Karla found a pony for her; his name was Pepsi. Now Lyla was taking lessons with Karla. My daughter and I would go on trail rides or just ride around the stables. My daughter also did horse shows from lead line to showing on her own, and she did very well, always placed 1st, 2nd, or a 3rd. Pepsi was an old boy and we only had him about 3 yrs, then my daughter started taking lessons on Skip and started showing him with Karla. She did very well also. Later that year I got a free horse from the race track and he was in bad shape from the owner who had him: skinny and very bad manners. He too went under Karla's training. You could not touch his head, he would pull back. Well she fixed all of that, and he just became a trail horse. He was very, very tall and our vet was a big man, and he liked him so I sold him to the vet. I was at Pegasus Ranch for about 7 yrs. Then we bought a little ranch house in La Habra Heights, Ca. I was there for about 4 yrs and did not keep in touch too much with Karla, but I would see her at local horse shows. For fun I would think, crap, we are going to have to work hard to win, lol. My life changed and I did not have horses for many, many years. When things got better I got another horse and looked up Karla, she was in the same area but different stables. Here I come. The new horse Forest was used for barrel racing and he was pretty fast on his cues. I had Karla work with him 3 times a week to slow him, and of course she did and I have a wonderful horse. I love to watch Karla work, she makes everything look so easy, and it is easy if you take the time like she does.

In a short version, I would still be a horse riding person with no knowledge of how to handle, care, and understand a horse. I would be fighting my horse and not enjoying a ride like I do now. I had to learn that a horse learns from us, they do not know what they know unless they learn it from us. I owe all of my joy now with my horse to Karla. She is gentle but firm, you know, like teaching kids how to act. So if you want to show your horse or just have a good trail horse, or you have a bad mannered horse, use Karla. If you want to learn the right way, have Karla train your horse. If you don't want to learn the right way I suggest you go elsewhere and don't waste her time. I don't show anymore, haven’t for years. I like to ride the trails, take my horse camping, and ride the beach. I would not be able to do any of these things without leaning how to control, guide and feel my horse, from Karla. I took some lessons from a Natural Horseman. I did like it because it was with a group of friends but I must say I already knew all that stuff from Karla. But you know what, I sure used a lot of the teachings that I learned from her. I say hands on training with Karla is a must and you will learn it all.

P.S. Enjoy your new life Karla in Arizona.

    Hi Karla, just wanted to say thank you for coming out on Sunday. I learned a lot in that short amount of time and am looking forward to working on my lack of skills in the future. Just let me know when you have a free weekend hour coming up and I will be there! Thanks again.




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